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You Will Need In Surrey

-Felt sheets. Nails or staples. -A stapler, hammer and nail gun (if using nails). Scissors or a knife to cut the felt sheeting. Optional: Bitumen adhesive for added security if you're not planning on nailing down the felt along edges. Instructions: 1 - Using scissors or a knife, trim off any excess overhang around your shed roof frame in order to get an even fit with your desired number of layers of felting. 2 - Start by laying one piece across the bottom edge, securely fitting it up into each corner along side edge pieces first and securing with either nails/staples as you go – be sure that all edges are covered perfectly! 3 - Use bitument adhesive at corners where no nail can fit - which will provide extra protection from water ingress & draughts. 4 Lather rinse repeat until required thickness is achieved. 5 Finally use remaining edging strip material to create final layer overlap which shall now fully waterproof

Cut Your Felt To Size In Surrey

Start by trimming the felt to size, ensuring you factor in a one-inch overlap on each side of your shed roof. Take care as some sheds have curved or angled edges, if so try and match these angles when cutting the felt for that part of your roof. Fix The Felt To Your Shed: With all pieces cut to size begin fitting them from the bottom up starting with either edge piece then overlapping it with an apex strip down its centre creating a ‘+’ shape overall effect across your entire shed surface area which is protected against water damage but Make sure you securely fasten this using galvanized nails every 8 inches along both sides, leaving two extra inch gap at back corners while tacking around any joints being careful not to over secure clamping rigidly onto underlying rough timber planks underneath it can cause splits along fibers leading worries later down line due premature tear & wear resistance fading away quickly soon after installation has finished completely.

Secure The Felt In Surrey

Place aluminium roofing nails along the edge at regular intervals and then hammer them in. Pull back excess felt on one side of each nail to ensure that it sticks securely, trimming any more than an inch or two away with scissors. Secure the edges again by nailing short lengths of timber batten across every few feet and continue rolling out your shed felt until both sides are finished.

How To Felt A Shed Roof - Preparing Your New Felt In Surrey

Start by lifting off your old felt and laying out the new, to ensure that you have enough for adequate coverage over all parts of your shed roof. Place any branches or stones into a compost heap as these can wear away at the surface later on due to movement in windy conditions. Once ready, cut the material according to size with scissors – allowing it to be slightly longer than needed so it may be folded up around edges if necessary. Unroll carefully while making sure not snag any loose threads along seams before doing a quick visual inspection detecting small holes which should be fixed prior attching properly onto structure below - such as boards/tiles beneath made from wood/metal etc. Starting near edge use staple gun securing evenly bringing rolls together ensuring material is tightly joined using hammers complimented nails between each section respectively followed by applying butyl sealed down ridge process therefore consolidating full area completely keeping water out efficiently!

Looking For Shed Felt In Surrey

For shingles and felt roofing supplies in Surrey, visit A1 Roofing Surrey. They offer quality shed roof materials including Mineral Shed Roofing Felt available in a range of colours (Green, Red or Black). It is perfect for weatherproofing roofs all year round as each roll has a waterproof membrane layer which offers UV protection from the sun's heat. To install it use galvanised nails with good corrosion resistant finish at 10cm spacings along the edge to secure the material back onto your timberwork framework!

Preparing Your Felt In Surrey

Start by hammering nails around the perimeter of your shed roof. Make sure that each nail has sunk into the frame about 3cm, creating a tight seal for water to stay outside. When you have finished nailing all sides, lay down one sheet of felt on top and fold it over, so both edges meet in between two frames below where all four corners touch securely with no gaps or overlaps at any side Now start rolling out from corner to corner until fully laid across - checking from time to time how evenly/get coverage is being achieved After this step use either screws along wider areas or galvanised 4mm staples 6-8cm apart (both should be used if possible) making sure points are well secured onto battens beneath With final coat secure add another layer overlapping firstlayer’s leading edge approx 8 inches

Can You Felt Over Old Felt On A Shed Roof In Surrey

Yes, it is possible to felt over old felt on a shed roof in Surrey. However, before doing so it is important that the existing surface condition be checked for signs of wear and tear or damage. If necessary, any deteriorated insulation should also be removed first before applying new layers of felting material such as bitumen rolls with an edge flap which can then be nailed back into position using purpose made nails from your local DIY store.

Do You Need Adhesive For Shed Felt In Surrey

Yes, you do need to use adhesive when installing shed felt in Surrey. Make sure that the underside of each piece is fully covered with a good quality bitumen-based roofing adhesive specifically designed for this purpose and don't put too much around the edges as it may cause tearing or cracking if it moves too freely during extreme temperatures changes. Nails are also required to keep all pieces securely fastened along their entire length, particularly at walls and hips/ridges so make sure these areas have an additional generous bead of waterproof adhesive before driving them home into position correctly.

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