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How Long Does Roof Felt Last In Surrey

In Surrey, a felt shed roof can last for up to 30 years with proper care and maintenance. To ensure your roof remains in good condition it is highly recommended that you inspect it every year and repair any damage as soon as it is noticed. Common tools and materials needed for maintaining or repairing the felt include tar paper, shingles, drip edges, flashing tape etcetera.

How Much Does A Felt Shed Roof Repair Cost In Surrey

The cost of a felt shed roof repair in Surrey will vary depending on the size and complexity of your project, as well as local labour costs. On average, however, you can expect to pay around £60 per square metre for simple repairs such as replacing worn or damaged ventillation tiles or fixing lighting fixtures that have been dislodged by weather damage. For more complex works like rectifying water penetration issues caused by broken flashing or rotten timbers could exceed this amount up to several hundred pounds per day for specialist tradespeople who may need crane access equipment due to limited space available within typical garden sheds.

Repairing A Shed Felt Roof In Surrey

If you need to repair your felt roof shed in Surrey, start by assessing the condition of the existing material and any potential damage. Make sure that all underpinning blocks are sound - look for signs of water penetration or frost heave which can cause costly problems later down the line. Once this has been done you should use a suitable quality underlay before fixing new standard weight felting roll onto it with nails spaced at intervals no more than 300mm apart across both length and width direction - ensuring sufficient overlapping (min 100 mm) between each course. Finally, fix appropriate weather resistant ridge tiles along peak edges that have adequate overlap for ideal results.

Patch Repair Felt On A Shed Roof In Surrey

If you're looking to patch repair felt on a shed roof in Surrey, then we've got just the service for you. Our experienced team can quickly and cost-effectively provide repairs using high quality material and professional installation techniques. We will use genuine felts specifically designed for your particular type of roof, along with fully licensed adhesives suitable for domestic or commercial applications - ensuring the highest standard of protection from water ingress is maintained over time. So don't hesitate – contact us today and let our specialist team take care of all your patch repair needs!

Full Felt Roof Shed Repair In Surrey

If you live in Surrey and need to replace the felt on your shed roof, don't worry! A1 Roofing Surrey is here for all of your sheet metal repair needs. Our team provides full replacement services including fixing any underlying damage or rotten wood before fitting new high quality felting materials securely onto the roof structure. Don’t hesitate - contact us today for an outstanding service from experienced professionals at great rates!

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